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Realistic Shooting Tips

As coaches, we cannot always be shot doctors. Often times it is too late to rebuild a player’s shooting mechanics or there simply not enough time due to offseason restrictions. As a result, it’s difficult to gain traction when helping a player with their shot. Coaches can get caught up in “picture perfect shooting mechanics” or wanting your players to shoot the way YOU did.

We found that simplifying the way we teach shooting has helped us tremendously over the last few years. Less is more (most of the time).

Realistic Shooting Tips:

Shoot The Same Way Every Time (Consistency)

Keep It Straight

If a player can consistently keep the ball straight we will not touch their shooting mechanics. We will develop consistency by focusing on other areas of there shot which will be the other parts of this shooting series. 

We want our players to shoot with the same mechanics every time. However, we encourage our players to be a “student of their shot”. Understand why you are missing and make minor adjustments rather than thinking your shot needs a complete overhaul. 

If a player misses left to right, they should verbally tell themselves, “keep it straight”. Often times focusing on one part of the shot allows your muscle memory to take control and allows you to shoot with more confidence. 

Take Ray Allen for example, he shoots the same way every time. As a result he can make minor adjustments from shot to shot and find his rhythm.

(More from Ray Allen in Parts 3 & 4!)

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