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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Kevin Eastman on Post Play


1. Own the mid-line- the closer to the midline you play, the less skill you need

2. Tape a miniature in the mini-lane, get some depth

3. Don’t post across

4. Give them in game goals

  • 3 free throws per half

  • So many rebounds in a quarter

  • Get one pass ahead layup per half

  • Update them when they come out of games, during time outs

  • The role may not be what you want, but it’s what we need to win a championship

5. If a big can find a niche, he will find the floor, you must have an energy niche

6. There may be bad first shots, but seldom are there bad second shots

7. When bigs run the floor they are like Velcro, it sucks in the defense...running rim to rim requires no skill but tremendous commitment and will

8. Get the ball in the paint 60 times a game (NBA) 48 a game (NCAA)

9. Run rim to rim in 3-4 seconds

10. You cant rebound too much... the more you go after the more you get

11. Concentrate on the middle and opposite wedges when you rebound

Teaching Points

1. It is fist fight to get open, it is a foot fight to score

2. It is a leverage game to get position, it’s a shoulders game, low shoulder wins

3. Three C’s- Catch Chin and Check...check for (1) cutters (2) Traps (3) Digs

4. Perpendicular Post ups- create an angle with you baseline foot, at that point your shoulder should be square to the ball

5. The floor always shrinks at the next level- quickness and length

6. Your knees are involved in leverage

7. Your feet give you the advantage, the ball gives you separation

8. See 90% of the floor when you catch the ball

9. Give up position for possession

10. Butt into thigh...No deny

11. Play low to high

12. You must sprint to spacing

13. When you catch the ball pause for poise

14. Let the garbage clear before you go to work

15. Post depth...Depth makes the game easier

16. When posting don’t be concerned with the defenders feet, rather the deny arm 17. Dribble the ball to get in line with the target hand when feeding the post...”get the palm”

18. Offensive rebounding...know your teammates because it gives you a head start

19. Run rim to rim not free line to free throw line

20. Don’t waste a post-up when the ball can’t get to you, it’s better to be late than early

21. You can’t play straight up--- mid line- rent- homeless


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