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Four Types of Players

4 Types of Players:

  1. Unconscious & Incompetent: These types of players “don’t know that they don’t know.” They aren’t even aware that they don’t have a feel for the game. These players aren’t going to contribute on a winning team.

  2. Conscious & Incompetent: These players now realize that “they know they don’t have it.” These players still don’t have a feel for the game and are lacking in the skill department but they realize where their weaknesses are and can now begin to improve Awareness is the beginning of correction.

  3. Conscious & Competent: At this level of development, the player is able to perform various skills (competent), but he / she must think about everything that he is doing before performing the skill; i.e. catch the ball, go into triple threat, direct drive, etc. You know, but you don’t flow. Very robotic.

  4. Unconscious & Competent: The most difficult level to reach, this player can perform the skills without having to think about them. For this type of player, the game naturally “flows.”


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