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Chris Paul's Most Dangerous Weapon? His Eyes...

The NBA is afraid of what Chris Paul sees. Opponents show it in the way they react to his stare, selling out into passing lanes simply because Paul's eyes suggest it. When Paul slows down to survey the floor, it can paralyze his defender with possibility. His attention is a weapon. The fear of it can lead a defense to do senseless things—the kind that leaves smart players baffled in the moment and shaking their heads in a film session. There are anxieties in guarding any great player, but with Paul, the greatest concern is the imbalance of information. Russell Westbrook kills with speed and Stephen Curry with space. Paul wins by seeing things that no one else could and exploiting a defense that knows it.

"There are point guards who see the action that can make the pass right now," Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. "There's very few of them that can anticipate if they keep the ball another second, what will happen."

Our perception is shaped by our tools. If all you have is a ... (read the full article here)

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