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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Utilizing the 3-Pointer

We like our guys to shoot the 3.

We feel the math is in our favor. 33% in 3’s is the same as 50% in 2’s

The best 3’s are inside out

Bo Ryan said it best “we all learned to shoot and have someone rebound for us and kick it back out to us from inside the paint.” It was probably dad, brother, friend or a coach kicking it back to us from under the rim. Those are the best 3’s !

Develop a culture of shooting in your program  Have kids be play makers Have kids be shot makers

Shooting drills are “evidence tests”

  1. Player: “Coach, I have been working on my shot. I am a good shooter.” Coach: ”Okay, prove it with our shooting test”

  2. EVIDENCE TEST = How many 3’s in 5 minutes (2 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute segments)

o Chart it. If you don’t Personal Best it, then you have extra conditioning. (stairs in LaSalle’s case)

Your best shooter/scorer needs to have more leeway on bad shots. His/her bad shot is better then other’s good shots. This also lets them continue to be aggressive.

In 1 on 1 defensive drills, don’t let players take “uncomfortable” shots.

  1. Have a coach/ manager there to get a pass from the offense and pass it right back to them.

  2. In their drills, the defense has to get 2 stops in a row to get out.

As a guard, you can’t be inside the arc, unless you have the ball.

‐ We play with 2 positions.

  1. Bigs

  2. Strong football players can play in our system

  3. Big’s role is to get the guards open

• At first that doesn’t sound good … read more.

2. Guards

  1.   No point guard, no 2 guard, no wings. Just “guards” that can play effective aggressive basketball.

  2.   Guards role is to get bigs the ball  (goes hand in hand with big’s role)

o The better your guards begin to play, the better your post players will begin to play. ‐ Skill Development – there is no substitute for repetition

o Shooting:

  1. Stationary shooting practice is an effective method of practicing shooting. It doesn’t have to always have to wear out the players.

  2. Everyone’s shooting gets better when they get older, because of the number of reps. More reps = better performance. That is why old guys can still play because they can shoot the ball.

  3. Every off season, he gives his assistants a program to study

o How they practice o How they recruit o Their program’s method of operation

  1. LaSalle lifts hard through the season o Focusing on “finishing” whatever they are doing….Moto this past season

  2. Practice tips

o Skill development at the end of practice o Scrimmaging at the beginning (kids seem to have more energy/intensity)

  1. ‐  “Synergy” Video Technology is amazing breaks down film for you. Everything, I mean everything on every player.

“Pass the ball to open people” (so simple, I love it!)


  2. We love the flexibility to be able to go 4 guards.

  3. “Give a Warrior a sword and a shield”

“Don’t give your kids too much. It will weigh them down. We give our kids a sword and shield, that’s it!” Simplicity, spacing, scoring

  1. “Sprint to Screens” if you are setting it.

  2. Read closeouts

o Hands up = hard drive

o Hands down = shoot it

  1. We are not trying to “Run an offense” . We are trying to “score”.

  2. If we like a teams play, we will steal it and use their name

o Tiger = Princeton action

o Spider = Richmond action

Practice catching bad passes (especially big guys)


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