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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


UNC Practice Plan

Observations from Practice

- High level of organization

- All drills run to time, no drill goes over time

- Quick transition from drill to drill

- Multiple repetition of fundamentals in short periods of time

- Assistant coaches provide a high level of “on the run” instruction, Coach Williams speaks to the players as a group regularly during practice

- Emphasis on sprinting the floor on transition, not simply running

University of North Carolina – Men’s team practice 21.10.03

7 minutes – Shooting form, using eight baskets

10 minutes – Trainer-led stretching

10 minutes – Individual fundamental breakdowns

Guards & swings –

- Catch and square-up off the “spin out” from the base-line (no shot)

- Catch and shoot the 5 metre shot off the “spin out” from the baseline

- 1 dribble jump shot to the base-line off the “spin out” from the baseline

- 1 dribble jump shot to the middle off the “spin out” from the baseline

- Jump shot off the crossover dribble

- 1 v 1 forward lead/post feed

Post players –

- No dribble moves – jump hooks to the middle/turnaround jump shots

- Power moves – drop step middle and baseline

- Turn and face shots off reverse pivot

- Turn and face 1 dribble moves

- Trail position shooting

- 1 v 1 post positioning – feel and react – coach feed

5 minutes – Secondary break breakdowns

- 3 v 2 plus two coaches as feeders

- Emphasis on running post creating position

- Up screen for trail post player

3 minutes – 3 man transition drill

- 3 man break – no dribble

- Coach or defender back at foul-line to force decisions

- Break into lay-up, weak-side player is in-bounder, centre player breaks to side-line

- Outlet is thrown to side-line, ball is thrown overhead down the sideline

3 minutes – 3 v 2/2 v 1 continuous drill

- Coach shoots, rebound and run – no dribble

- 3 v 2, passer attacks ball-side elbow on pass to wing

- On score or defensive rebound, 2 v 1 on return trip (highest man back on defense) – no dribble

4 minutes - Secondary break organization – numerical advantage drill

- 5 offensive players rebound shot and run secondary break

- 5 defensive players at mid-court sideline

- On rebound, coach nominates how many defensive players sprint into court to guard break

8 minutes – Defensive breakdown stations (2.30 minutes per station)

- Station One – wing denial (coach feed)

- Station Two – 1 v 1 channel from a wing (call “sideline”, no middle)

- Station Three – 1 v 1 box-out (coach shot)

6 minutes – 4 v 4 defensive positioning (Shell drill)

- Groups of 4, third group shoots with coach at other end of floor

- Deny one pass away

- Handle down screens (through on down screens_

- Force side-line/baseline on penetration

10 minutes – Defensive stations

- Station One – 3 v 3 talking – continuous movement by offense, down and up screens, defense had to continue to work and handle cutting/screening action (no shots by offense)

- Station Two – Deny and switch at top of key (coach feed)

- Station Three – Lateral screens – hard show, get through on screens

12 minutes – 5 v 5 defense

- Defensive rules – no middle, communication, deny one pass away, box out

- ½ court

- Full court

8 minutes – Defending the underneath out of bounds

- 5 man takes the basket, stays with in-bounding player for that possession or until switch can take place

- Adjust match-ups “down the line”

10 minutes – Up and backs – secondary break into free-lance offense

10 minutes – Full court “catch and pass”

- 4 basketballs

- Player passes ball to coach at sideline, receives it back

- Passes to second coach in front court, receives it back

- Second coach nominates what type of shot player executes – dunk, lay-up, jump-shot from 45, 3-point shot

- Continuous drill

5 minutes – 115 in 4 minutes – full court passing/shooting drill

- 3 man break (no dribble)

- Trail players run down and receive pass from base-line players for jump shot

- Base-line players then break with lay-up shooter

- Continuous drill

- 115 made baskets in 4 minutes

10 minutes – Trainer-led stretching

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