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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Steve Ridder: Building a Successful Program

  1. Have a Philosophy. Know your philosophy. What do you want people to see your program as.

  2. Importance of relationships: Making a difference in young peoples lives. Preparing them to do the right thing after they leave your program.

  3. Make Each Year Different / Get excited before every year

  4. Have a theme for every year: One Team, One Goal, Old Glory, New Fire (tradition of success with new guys to do it), They came for tradition, They leave part of it

  5. Team Expectations: What are your expectations of your team. Have clear rules and guidelines. How important is great communication? How important is academics? How important is giving back to community?

  6. Rule that eliminates a bunch of small rules: Don’t let your teammates down!

  7. Captains lead by example: Embrace your teammates! Actions speak louder than words. High Trust, Low Maintenance. Ideal for everyone in program

  8. Personnel: Surround yourself with people better than you. Don’t want so much credit that you surround yourself with people that can’t challenge/help you.

  9. Style of Play: Have your system

  10. Offense – Four Ways to Score: Transition, secondary break, continuity offense, quick hitters. Have quick hitters to take advantage of mismatches.

  11. Defense: Have great Offensive and Defensive principals and spend your time teaching it

  12. Practice Planning and Scouting lead to Creating a Game Plan. How hard do you work at this level. Maximize your team.

  13. Strength and Conditioning: Find somebody that is knowledgeable if you are not. Strength and foot speed will make a huge difference.

  14. Facilities: Make them the best possible, don’t rely on others. It’s your job, it is part of your program, take ownership

  15. Off-Season Commitment: Have a plan – whatever it is… weights, AAU, etc

  16. Selling Your Program: Market your program – exposure. Might not like doing it, but others will notice. Find someone to help with Media guide, Website, etc


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