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Keys to Match-Up Zone

Match-up Keys:

1. Communication

2. Never should have 2 guys on same man or ball

3. Ball pressure

4. Keep ball out of middle

5. Ball side you are ball conscious (man open is farthest from ball). Flat tire principle: expanded ball side/flattened out on weak side.

6. Side front post high; ball above foul line- side front post low; ball below foul line

7. Once you release cutter find next closest man in your area or your help side responsibility

8. Big Men who are vocal and understand match improve effectiveness of it.

9. Help and recover principles.

10. Know how to play individuals; sag off non-perimeter threats who step out; shade shooters can’t use 3-point line as gauge.

11. Don’t extend defense beyond shooting range of opponent (2 steps beyond 3-point line)

12. Call shot, box, rebound- run

13. Fun comes from accepting a challenge and meeting it. Get a stop.

14. No mistakes can be made, only selfishness through lack of hustle.

15. Start possession with recognition of opponent’s strengths individually.

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