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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Love Tough and Building a Winning Team

  • Remind the people you lead of who they’re becoming.

  • Invest in their life. They have to know you love them.True love has no agenda.

  • Culture = Habits

  • Be remembered for what you give, not what you do!Less ‘Information’, More ‘WISDOM’

  • Don’t make long term decision based on short term circumstances.Move all your validation meters to the inside, not outside!

  • Make sure the intent of your heart is for others.The gift is from God…never act like you are bigger than the gift!"The blessings you see are many times from the sacrifices you don’t see."

  • Can I be a little bit better today than yesterday

  • Key Points

  • Read way more than you think you should.

  • Write down everything, about everything, all the time.

  • Build trustful relationships for 10 years from now, but learn to connect the dots between now and then.

  • Never turn down an opportunity to work or to learn.Must learn greater than or equal to the rate of change!

  • The greatest gift I can give someone is belief in them!

  • Master pettiness in order to achieve greatness.

  • Writes over 100 people a month and 60 thank you letters per month.

  • Wrote Jon Gordon for 92 straight months!

  • I believe in you. Give a gift of belief!

  • Expectations!

  • I have the energy to hold you accountable to what you are saying you want to become.

  • The path to what you want to become is not as easy as you think it is. We have evidence that our way works, it's not the only way, but let me explain to your our ways.

  • That expectation to hold you to our standard will be everyday.

  • Are you self serving or serving others?


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