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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Don Meyer Practice Observation #2


Baseline Drive Shooting

1) Drift

2) Post Roll

3) Opposite Top

3) CrackBack

Don’t be afraid to get an offensive rebound foul. Not an over the back. OBC (Offensive Board Coverage).

“If you can’t pass and catch, you can’t play.”

“Every pass is a shot, Every shot is a pass.”

3 Lane Passing

1) Curl Cut

2) Back Cut

3) Slip

Hold your seal in the post.

When driving the ball, make it a straight line drive and put your shoulder on the defender’s hip.

Zone Attack Principles

“Rim, Post, Opposite”

Bounce Pass on Penetration

Uses push-ups to stimulate players’ concentration.

Practice Begins…

1st Drill: Jump Stops and Pivot (Chin Ball)

“Always be sure your hands are ready to catch the ball.”

2nd Drill: Ball Pressure Stances Drills (Low, Wide, and Slow)

“3 Verbals” – Ball Ball Ball, Push Push, Dead, Dead, Dead

Run to Recover…”1,2,3 on the Recover”

Stay Low — Keep your Head below the Ball Handler’s Shoulders

3rd Drill: 5-Spot Close Outs

5 Spots Around Perimeter…Jump to the Ball on a Fake Pass or Deflect Ball on a Pass Overhead (Sickle)

4th Drill: Partner Close Outs (Cover the Ball)

Guard the Dribble, Pass, Etc.

5th Drill: Man in the Middle Passing

Try to get a touch with the front hand or a deflection with the back hand (sickle).

6th Drill: Evade the Screen (Using Air Dummies)

NOTE: This was really quick.

7th Drill: Double Stagger (Using Air Dummies)

8th Drill: Cover Down Wide (Using Air Dummies)

Then Block Out (Note to self, do something like this when we learn cover downs.)

9th Drill: Down Screen, Cross Screen, Back Screen

Offensive Movement Work

10th Drill: 2 Lanes/2 Balls

Run the middle of the court with partner. One bounce passes, One Chest Passes.

Pass with the Inside Hand. Only Go to Half Court

Then, Dribble inside hand. 1 Pass/Jump Stop/Receive at Half Court.

11th Drill: 3 Lanes/2 Balls

Be Wide

1 Guy Takes a Jumper, 1 Guy Takes a Layup

Dribble with the inside hand.

12th Drill: 3 Lanes/1 Ball (Have Coaches Passing Balls to the Other Guy)

Just Layup,

Then Curl Cut on Down Screen

(I Could Do It into a Come and Go)

(I Could Do, Point to Wing, Back Cut)


“Back Half on All Shooting”


Position/Skill Work (15 Minutes)

Post and Perimeters a lot of times. Sometimes everyone together

Could Do High/Low w/ Post.

Lay Down Shooting

Groove Shots

Balance Hand Pick Up

Catch and Shoot (Could do Olympic Shooting Here)

Fake and Drive Middle w/ a Token Help Defender – Fake and Retreat (Use Air Dummies)

“We prefer to Drive Middle of Floor”

Fake, Drive Middle and Kick

Baseline Drive and Baseline Drift Pass for Shot

On Long Shots, Take 1 Step in Then Get Out

“Stress the Basics Every Day”


3/4 into 4/3 F.C. Trap the Ball(Can’t Guard the Guy Guarding You)

4/5 into 5/4 F. C. Change Drill (“Drop It”)

“Thank the Passer”

4/5 SLOB

How to Guard SLOB’s

1) See Ball

2) Get to the Ball

3) Make them Backcut

Add Extra Ball to Any Drill

5/5 – 5 High, Delay Game

5/5 – 5 High into a Set (Last shot of Quarter)

Zone Attack

BLOB’s vs. Zone into F.C. Conversion

BLOB’s vs. M2M into F.C. Conversion

Other Post Man, Dive to Low Post on a Low Post Feed, Everyone Else Get on Weak Side of Ball

3 In A Row FT’s

We Want 30 in a 5 Minute Period

Dakota Sports, Rim Reducers

“Quiet Team is a Scared Team.”

“We want to be loud.”

Game Shots, Game Spots, Game Speed (Do this in Olympic Shooting Style.)

Post Working On Post Go to Moves, and There Counter

Bubba Shooting (Tie Score, We Get 1 for a Make, They Get 2 for a Miss)

Groove Shots

*“You Have Not Taught, If They Have Not Learned.” Book by Gallimore and Nader

Groove Shots


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