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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Don Meyer Practice Observation #1

Practice Segments

1) Meet in Locker Room

2) Skill Work (30 Minutes)

“Best way to improve your team is to improve the individuals.”

3) Team Fundamentals (30 Minutes)

4) Team Defense (30 Minutes)

Offense to Defense

FullBack, HalfBack, TailBacks

5) Situational Competition

Stop and Score – Get a Stop and Get a Score…You Win!

Play Quick Games…Every Possession Important!

“It All Starts w/ a Stop”

Keep Track of How Many 3 and Outs You Get.

Keep Track of 3 Consecutive Scores…”Turkeys”

Change Period – Bob Knight

Call Out Different Situations and Echo Calls

Last 15 Minutes

3 In a Row FT’s

Game Shots, Game Spots, Game Speeds

Groove Your Shot

Bubba Free Throws

2 Hour Early Season Practice, then Taper Down to an Hour


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