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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Coaching Advice from Don Meyer

1) Do a need assessment on your program.

A) What is happening?

B) What needs to happen?

2) Solitude

A) Have time to yourself.

B) One Minute Assessments During Practice

“Here’s 1 Thing You Did Well and Why…”

“Here’s 1 Thing We Can Do Better and How…”

3) Always look for teachable moments.

A) “Don’t Whine, Don’t Complain, and Don’t Make Excuses.”

B) Don’t let a bad situation bring you down. Make a positive out of it.

“Prepare, Plan, Practice, and Play like you just lost your last game.”

Go into every practice on edge.

You need internal leadership on a team.

Internal Leadership (3 Things Warren Buffet Looks For In People He Hires)

1) Work Ethic

2) Intelligence

3) Character

(1st 2 without the last one will kill you.)

Making a kid a captain does not make him a leader.


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