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Basketball Lesson from Ping Pong and Fortnite.

Imagine if this was your basketball practice… players engaged, having fun, showing serious improvement, and having to drag your team out of the gym. If this is something you want… turn to Ping Pong or Fortnight. Let me explain.

I was reminded of this important lesson this weekend while playing ping pong with my 9-year old daughter, Eloise. A backhand came more natural to her than a forehand. She wants to beat her older cousin so I told her I was going to force her to use her forehand by hitting the ball to her right side. We played for about an hour and she showed serious improvement. A lot of improvement was made and we did ZERO ping pong drills. Eloise was having a blast and I had to drag her off the table. This is what I want for my basketball program!

I read an article this offseason on Fortnight that really stuck with me. It says, “Fortnight is not the enemy of sports, outdated coaching is.” Fortnight has no drills. The game is its teacher. Kids (and adults) improve by strictly playing the game. It’s a games-based approach, not drill based or block practice. Here is the link to the full article...


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