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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Eight Ways To Use A Ball Screen

  1. Turn the corner (no hedge by defender) — Guard drives low and tight.

  2. Hesitate and go (soft hedge) – At level of screen, hesitate, eyes on rim. Key to make the hedge man relax.

  3. Split the hedge—The most under-utilized part of offensive ball screening. After clearing the screen low and tight, explode on the split. Dribble below the knees.

  4.  Fake the split then inside/out dribble to the paint.

  5. Reject the screen (Guards man completely blocks the path of the driver, screener’s defender is at block area zoning up.

  6. Shooting behind—The on ball defender goes behind the screen. Shot must come directly behind the screen.

  7. Re-screen – when screener’s defender shows big, flat hedge. Drive over the screen, then crossover and use the screen again toward the baseline. Screener turns to the inside on second screen getting you closer to the basket.

  8. Early slip—Guard’s defender jumps low (toward baseline), driver splits between his man and the screen. Counter is to fake the split.


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