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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Ten Things to Stimulate Offensive Thinking

  1. The best time to feed the post is after ball reversal. Ball movement is the enemy of defense.

  2. Fist fight to get open, foot fight to score.

  3. Finish spacing. Spring to spacing.

  4. Be a go-to player but not a force it player. Define roles and late game roles.

  5. All passes are on time and on target. Throw Strikes.

  6. Scorers - you have the responsibility to not only score but make great decisions with the ball.

  7. Motion - when in doubt, spread out. Sprint to the corner or anywhere outside the three point line and re-engage with the offense.

  8. Ball reversal = Defensive Breakdowns. But don't pass up open shots for reversal.

  9. The floor shrinks at the next level.

  10. Inbounders- give them reads. Never two cutters at the same time.


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