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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Don Meyer Special Situations

Jump Ball: Sandwich, hands up, BOPCRO, steal, run secondary, violate

Baseline OB Defense: Body up, tag, free man, fist to trap corner

Sideline OB Defense: On/up line, free man, ball side of screen, Purdue adjustment on/up handler, 130 let it in with free man in front of post

1-4 Low Defense: Fake trap, 1-1-3 tandem, dork trap, cross fist and rotate out

Delay Game Defense: Regular, zipper, trap, foul (grab left wrist)

Sideline OB: Spread, line, secondary, Kentucky, Purdue, wrong way play @ half, short seconds slip a screen

Free Throws: X, slow X, Miss it X, Violate if ahead, double violation

Presses: Fast break, 12/13/14 vs. zones, spread, line, Iowa State, spread pull Iowa State, Kentucky run out, step out Kentucky run out, 1.) Best in-bounder 2.) Three available with deep diagonal finisher 3.) Best in middle 4.) Post commits ball side 5. Shorten the pass 6.) Reverse it twice 7.)Engage 2 8.)Crack back 9.) Clear crack back 10.)Attack the middle 11.) Pass fake and look opposite 12.) Step out and step in free throw shooter when they are fouling

Pressure: CLOCK – attack it with chaser, back screen, be aggressive, 5 and 5 high, down Comeback Game: Platoon shooters / foulers / defenders, keep rebounders in on free throws, getting three’s (crack backs, 33/66, down to a 3, #1 penetrate, green, up, Florida up, Denver

Triangle and 2: #1 play into motion, use zone defenders for screens

Box and 1: #2 motion with 1 player screening and use the zone defender as a screener Giving a Foul: Fouls to give, three point lead. Don’t foul___ Who to foul ___

Last Shot of the Game: Who, What, When – rebound to stop or get put back – long heave off 1 foot at buzzer, one more dribble, trap the dribbler with the shadow, fould if up three in short seconds

Full Court Specials Verses Pressure: Spread, spread Iowa State, spread pull Iowa State, Kentucky, Wake up, home run, line (especially if they are fouling)

Don’t bank timeouts, cant eat them, use wisely control tempo-running TO’s

Who has the possession arrow: Double violate to get possession when on defensive or offensive free throw, don’t let them

Don’t leave the bench or celebrate on last shot (technical)


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