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A collection of X's and O's, clinic notes, film, and other things I like 


Don Meyer Clinic Notes

Shooting Target 185 = FG% + FT% + 3 pt%

– “When was the last time you kicked a kid out of practice?”

– When taking notes

* Use 1/3 of the note pad for you

* Use the other 2/3 of the pad for the speaker

– Get all of the good ideas, but you can’t use all of the good ideas; just use what is relevant to your philosophy, your kids, and your situation

– You have to adapt rather than adopt

– Figure out how you can lose a game, work on that element so it doesn’t happen in a game

– “You can’t play hard if you don’t coach hard”

– Kids today don’t play hard, they only want to watch the teams with all the talent”

– Need to do a needs assessment each year you coach

* “What is attractive and what should be?”

– Every year needs to be treated like it is your first year

– Smartest Thing To Do

One Minute Assessments

a. What is 1 thing that you are doing well and why?

b. What is 1 thing we can be doing better?

– Keep it simple

– Don’t say the word “I” “Me” “My” unless you are taking the blame for something —- it sends the wrong message to the team

– Your example is not the main thing to other people, it is the ONLY thing

Administration: A good administrator never gives a good coach a reason to leave; a bad administrator always gives a bad coach a reason to stay

– “You have to be a world-class thinker”

– Necessity is the creator of invention

– Be  your own worse critique

– Never let your players, coaches or self be satisfied – Wooden

– Biggest difference with kids today —- Respect

– A lack of discipline hurts more than a lack of athleticism —- lack of discipline will lose you the tight games

– Not a privilege to play, need to earn it

Best – has to be your hardest worker

– Discipline is the highest form of LOVE; You have the courage to confront the people you love

– Mass Practice

* Best way to get better

* Kids have to learn to work on their own

Shooting Progression

  1. Wrist extensions – develops range and touch

  2. Swing the purse to get into the shooting pocket; post players can get the elbow higher

  3. On the back shooting; keep elbow on the floor and tight to body

  4. Form shooting on side of back board; 1 second follow through

  5. Form shooting against the back board; ball should be on it’s way down when it hits the back board

  6. Shots over the front of the rim; work your way back to develop range

– You don’t have to shoot fast, you have get ready to shoot fast

– Jeff Van Gundy – Pass is on time, on target

– Better footwork takes from good to great shooter

– Need to sit into your game

– Morgan Wooten

* Never spend enough time on shooting

* Best shooter should get the most shots

* Worse shooter should have the highest shooting percentage (should be getting less shots)

– There is a time in a game where we are not looking for a shot we can make, but looking for a shot we cant miss

– Need to shorten the pass

– 1 inch shot fakes

4 Things to Shooting

1. Keep it straight

2. Back half of the rim

3. Hold high 1 second follow through

4. Land 6 inches closer to the shot

– A great shooter never misses to the side (always short or long, but straight)

– 50% of all missed shots are short

– Talk your shot (keep it straight, back half)

– High follow through —- Get it consistent

– Start slow, get a rhythm, go fast enough to make a mistake

– See the biggest part of the floor

– Scouting is overrated

– Have to get the ball in the pocket quickly

Drill (prepare defending a person who is a Dead 3)

– Shooter is at the top of the key

– Defender standing underneath the rim

– Defender closes out on the shooter and flies by the shooters shooting shoulder

– Once the shot gets blocked, the shooter can add a shot fake

– Morgan Wooten — “It is not what you teach, it is what you emphasize”

– A Dead 3

* A person who 50% of their shots are 3 point shots

* You have to make them put the ball on the floor – leave the floor to contest their shot

– People with character figure it out

– Have to make the tough decisions

– If Coach Meyer Coached Again – What would he stress

* Sound (mentally and fundamentally)

* Solid (character)

* Simple (It is what we do)


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